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Disney diva nude, online…again

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Back in 2007, Disney pop diva Vanessa Hudgens gained just a little more fame. Okay…a lot more fame, and it wasn’t due to the release of High School Musical 2, either. Scandal was reason, one surrounding the apparent “leak” of nude pictures of the poppy Disney princess over the Web. Now, two years later, it seems Ms. Hudgens is at it again. This time, with the latest Vanessa Hudgens scandal, more nude photos have surfaced, and right around the time of the release of Hudgens’s latest film, Bandslam.

Is it just me, or does this seem just a tad convenient?

So far, the pictures haven’t been confirmed as “real,” and some are arguing that they’re not Hudgens. I would suggest taking a look for yourself. The similarities between the High School Musical miss and these photos is slightly more than uncanny, if they’re not really “real.” And if the person baring all in these isn’t Hudgens, well, she certainly has the ability to play off of her striking resemblance to the teen star. I’d move to Hollywood ASAP if I looked like that. Heck, I’d audition for High School Musical 4.

I also have to wonder what Mr. Zac Efron thinks about all this. The couple has been together for more than three years now. He forgave her the first time for taking off her clothes and showing the world her goodies, and come to think of it, so did Disney, despite being one of the most family oriented names on the planet.

Ah, the Vanessa Hudgens scandal 2009. I wonder what she’s got in the works for 2010/2011. Maybe next time she’ll get a little more creative…show a butt crack or something. I can’t wait…

Brittany @ August 5, 2009

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