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UFC 101: Redemption

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UFC 101: Redemption is appropriately titled.  The headline fights that feature the big UFC stars BBL (Before Brock Lesnar) like Forrest Griffin and B.J. Penn, both who lost their last fights and looking to prove that they are not on the back end of their careers.

In a way, the title for the night has multiple connotations, one being redemption for past failures or short-comings in the ring and the other is more a classroom reference.  

Algebra 101, Biology 101…UFC 101 can also be an education in public opinion on the sport.  As with every sport, public opinion and popularity play a huge part in advertising interest and who’s more likely to be booked in headline fights.  Penn and Griffin need to reassert themselves in a strong way and not lose one-sided bouts.

If they fail, this may be their last foray as headliners for the foreseeable future.  Both were huge stars in the UFC’s cult popularity, which only exploded into the mainstream in recent years.  

With the addition of big names like Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice also making their way from street fights to the mixed martial arts spotlight, albeit in a different organization, people have started to take more notice of the MMA arena.  Politicians, advertisers, mom and dad and much of our violence-hungry society have all been introduced to the blood sport, and while some of the opinion may be more along the lines of public outcry, one thing is certain: MMA has made its mark and people care to love it or hate it.  MMA is set for growth.

If the MMA stars of yesterday want to ride the wave to greater glory, they need to fight every fight like it is their last.

Rob @ August 8, 2009

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