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Drug doctor responsible for M.J.’s death..?

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All the news reports are talking about it…still. In fact, he’s continuing to draw some of the biggest numbers on the Web as far as popularity for news stories goes. Of course, I’m talking about none other than the King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson himself, now gone almost a month.

It’s no real shock — at least it shouldn’t be — as to what the news is about this time on the deceased moonwalker. It appears a powerful anesthetic drug called propofol has been found to have “contributed” to Jackson’s death, as reported by ABC News.

Yeah, I wasn’t surprised either. I’m just upset it took this long to get the information out to the public. (Maybe they’re dragging this whole thing out a bit..?)

The real controversy here is what part police — or a judge, more importantly — will find Jackson’s doctor to have played in his death. It seems the doctor was the man giving Jackson — literally — this dangerous drug.

According to other news reports, this Doctor Murray keeps insisting (well duh) that he never “prescribed or administered” this drug to Jackson.

All I know is that someone gave him the drug, no matter if Jackson took it himself willingly, if it was forced down his throat, or whether it was discreetly stuck in some tapioca pudding for a midday snack, someone is responsible. This drug was found in Jackson’s body and likely is the main cause of his death. It only makes sense to blame the person in charge of his medical care.

I’m still wondering when M.J’s finally going to get to rest in peace. But with this gem of a controversy storm just starting to brew, I doubt that’s going to be any time soon, sadly.

Brittany @ July 28, 2009

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