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Penn State beats UF…in something

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The University of Florida has been one of the top party schools in the United States, boasting such figures like the highest STD transmission rate in a metropolitan area.  In fact, Florida itself has some pretty big party numbers, with the Palm Bay-Melbourne area in Brevard County having the highest alcohol consumption rate based on population.

But the party capital is no longer in Florida.

Penn State, a school also known for its party scene and Greek Row, took the title from UF this year. The study was conducted by the Princeton Review. It surveyed 122,000 students for the award, or dishonor, depending on how you look at it.

Most of these surveys, though, are simply kids rooting for their schools to be the top of anything.  Having been to UF during some of the craziest times of the year, like winning a national championship, I can say that Gainesville has lived up to its title as a party town, and UF as a party school.  And there are no students more avid (and rabid) than those of the Gator Nation.

That makes Penn State’s win over UF for the title this year a bit impressive, to say the least.  Penn State has one of the largest stadiums in sports, seating more than 100,000 fans, as well as a pretty detailed history regarding its partying past.  

With many students looking for the best schools to go to, for either social aspects or educational, the Princeton Review ranking gives some indication of what to expect for prospective students looking to the future.

Rob @ July 28, 2009

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