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ESPN’s Erin Andrews issue

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News spread through the Web like wildfire when news of Erin Andrews having a peephole nude video online.  
For those unfamiliar with the case, Erin Andrews is an ESPN reporter who has the highest contribution to sideline aesthetics the sports world has ever seen.  

She also was video taped without her knowledge in a hotel room getting undressed, and the video surfaced on the Internet where it sat for a while before a gossip page caught wind of it.  

From there, the Internet caught fire, and Erin Andrews and her peephole video were the hottest thing since the Rick Roll.

But if you use ESPN for all of your sporting news, you would never have even heard of this video or the buzz on the Internet about it, because ESPN has omitted coverage on the incident.  

Some may argue that ESPN covers sports news and not gossip, to which one would argue that covering the World Series of poker, or reporting on Terrell Owens’s new workout routine for a press conference falls more under the gossip category.  

Erin Andrews is an ESPN employee who has generated more publicity over this controversial video than the rest of sports has in the last few weeks.  It is a story worth covering, and one that many of ESPN’s viewers would be interested in, because everyone loves Erin Andrews.

At the least, if ESPN covered the story to some extent and helped with the issue, Andrews wouldn’t be harassed by other reporters at 2 a.m. or having people camp out in front of her home.  ESPN hired her for her aesthetic qualities and sex appeal, and they have some responsibility to her for the fiasco.

Rob @ July 31, 2009

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