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Backstreet Boys grasp for another hit

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It’s been a while since our hearts were melted by songs like “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” and “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.” We’ve gladly welcomed Justin Timberlake to the solo music scene and we’ve even been able to deal with newer boy bands like The Jonas Brothers.

But are we ready to welcome back the beloved Backstreet Boys?

New Kids on the Block recently attempted a comeback. The height of their comeback was a cruise they took with fans, which can be equated to something like a booze cruise full of middle-aged women unwilling to give up their crushes on Marky Mark’s little brother.

The Backstreet Boys’s new album, “This is Us,” will be released on October 6 from Jive Records. This is the first CD the group’s released since 2005. Let’s cross our fingers for some midnight release parties. Hopefully all the mommies can find babysitters.

Apparently, they are thinking that they can rise to fame to the extent they once were, at least that’s what they’re hoping for. What they can expect is some attention from faithful fans and probably nobody else. The teeny boppers are already in love with the JoBros, and the people who were fans have grown up and their music tastes have evolved.

I guess we can’t blame aging stars for trying to grasp at that final strand of fame.

andrea @ July 31, 2009

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