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Everglades’s off-and-on relationship with the Endangered list

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For those who have never been near the Florida Everglades, let me tell you something, you’re not missing anything special. It’s humid, hot and infested with mosquitoes. It’s not even really close to any single pleasant place, but it’s home to all kinds of animals. There’s also a surprising amount of people that see fit to live around there. This is beyond my realm of understanding so I’ll just let it be.

Apparently, just a couple years ago, the Everglades National Park was removed the United Nation’s list of endangered world sites. The park hadn’t even met the requirements to be removed from the list when it was. And you better believe that made some people mad. Now, people might be happy again.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Obama’s administration officials are on the road to getting it put back on the list.

The Everglades has been on the endangered world sites list since 1993 when facing pollution, over-development and damage from hurricane Andrew. When scientists from the World Heritage Committee visited in 2006, they saw there was still much to be done, so they kept it on the list.

That same year, the committee came up with ideas on how to fix the Everglades. When they met in 2007, the head of the U.S. delegation suggested that it be taken off the list. “And the committee went along with that.” David Sheppard, the committee’s stop science adviser, said.

Also in 2007, a report was released noting that the billion-dollar project to restore the Everglades was way behind schedule anyway.

Sure, the place is ugly and an alligator (or two or three) could eat you there, but it should stay on the endangered list, if only just to finish the restoration process.

andrea @ June 27, 2009

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