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U.S. soccer makes history by beating Spain

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U.S. sports have primarily been our powerful baseball, basketball and football leagues.  Even though soccer is the world’s sport, played by more people in the world and by more people in the United States than any other sport, historically, the United States has a long history of failure in the world of FIFA (the International Federation Football Association, roughly translated) .  

All of that changed on Wednesday, however, when the United States capitalized on its blip of life earned against Egypt, carrying that energy to the semifinal and beating the world’s best team: Spain.

Doing what no one believed the previously soccer incompetent Americans capable, Spain fell to an energetic and hungry American team and was shut down with a suffocating defense in the closing minutes.  

American soccer has long been left with no respect in the world’s eye in soccer, but after a thorough beating of Spain, respect may be due.  Even Spain admitted it was not ready to play a fiercer than expected American team.  No one thought Spain would be shut out, emphatically crushed at 2-0.  

The loss ended Spain’s 35 match win streak, sending the team into the consolation round to play South Africa while the Confederations Cup Final will have the United States and Brazil square off.

This shows promise for the American team heading into next year’s World Cup, where it hopes to compete at a much better level than it has in years passed.  

If it can overcome issues with consistency and energy, the American team will be a much stronger opponent for the world to face, and finally earn the respect it seeks.

It all starts with the United States vs. Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final, this Sunday.

Rob @ June 27, 2009

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