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Facebook 750 million away from one billion

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Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and has picked up steam as it competes with Myspace for online social networking supremacy.  Unlike Myspace however, Facebook’s quarter billion proclamation (with Myspace boasting similar numbers) is more substantial than Myspace’s because Facebook has long been tied to more actual users instead of pop-up spam accounts that litter the Myspace Web.

The biggest increase in total users for Facebook was not within the United States.  As countries around the world have started to grow and get wired, an explosion in usage occurred in the social networking site.  More and more people from the global community are now linking in, finding friends and sharing interests through online sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.  Each site has its own preferred fanbase; musicians and music enthusiasts to Myspace, college and professions to Facebook, and everyone who feels their opinion should be heard by the world every 10 seconds via tweet to Twitter.

With something for everyone, social networking sites have taken off and constantly grow.  The former college-only site now takes the best from Myspace and Twitter, adds in Facebook’s blend of personality and comes off as a substantial and complete product with very few complaints.  

In an age where people prefer to communicate by text, e-mail or social networking sites over face-to-face interaction, these sites flourish and will continue to do so.

Rob @ July 16, 2009

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