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Spur gets cold feet at eleventh hour

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Richard Jefferson cancelled his wedding in the most bizarre of ways.  

In the past, couples usually dissolved prior to becoming engaged, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and they break things off before the wedding.  Most couples, not even famous celebrities and athletes like Richard Jefferson, won’t wait until two hours before the deed is to be done.  Even fewer would do it by e-mail.

It seems the old-fashioned Spurs have a new age man on the roster.

High school kids have been more timid of social interaction than generations in the past and have often used text messaging to say what they fear to say out loud or simply cannot gain the courage, balls, or machismo to even begin to form any string of coherent conversation.  It’s often been thought that his is because the kids are fully loaded into the digital medium, embracing technology for social interaction while actual physical face-to-face contact, fades into history along with the home telephone, telegraph, eight-track tapes and compact CD’s.

It seems that the social timidity isn’t limited to the youth in America, though with Jefferson’s use of e-mail to cancel a wedding a mere two hours before the ceremony, after the guests had arrived and all of Jefferson’s friends partied on his Amex black card the night before.  No reason had been cited, and one has to wonder if there was any breakdown between the couple or if Jefferson simply didn’t feel like he wanted to be tied down with the wedding fast approaching.

Some of the guests may want to tell Jefferson for his next foray into wedlock that text messages travel faster than e-mail.

Rob @ July 17, 2009

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