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Family flicks blowing up box offices

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Ever since “Shrek” hit the big screens a few years back, family movies have only been getting more popular among American audiences. In fact, one of this summer’s most anticipated, more adult-themed (just a little) films, “Terminator Salvation” was beat out of the box offices by “Night at Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.” I guess “I’ll be back” wasn’t much of a comeback.

Just this past weekend, Pixar’s “Up” grossed a fat $68 million, and has since grossed a total (and whopping) $151 million.

Perhaps the current recession is actually having some positive effect, as these numbers alone prove that many families are coming together to get out and see these family flicks.

Other family films have also done well. January saw “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” become a shocking hit when it went on to rake in $177 million, worldwide, and on budget around $26 million.

DreamWorks Animation then saw my personal favorite family flick of the summer, “Monsters vs. Aliens,” make more than $345 million worldwide. Other family-oriented hits this summer include “Race to Witch Mountain,” “Hannah Montana the Movie” and “Hotel for Dogs.”

The reason for the success of these movies could be the simple fact that most have been made to appeal to a much wider audience than family films of the past. (An article on Fox News seconds this notion.) “Shrek” proved this one perfectly. Put some interesting animated characters together with a decent plot line and throw in some prevented innuendo and boom, box office bullion.

Brittany @ June 13, 2009

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