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Today’s shocker: Some people are gay

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In headline news today, Americans found out that a beloved television singing sensation is gay. Apparently this is comes as a shock, that someone, a person, can be homosexual. You’d think that people, especially the mass media, would be able to accept when someone is gay. What’s even more impressive is that we make a big to-do about it when people, that we’re pretty darn sure are gay, end up being gay. I guess we just long to see confirmation in big, bold headlines.

Let’s look at American Idol (AI). (Yes, you know the two I’m thinking of.)

First, there was dear old Clay Aiken, runner-up in the second season of AI. There was much suspicion that he was gay. Nobody cared if he was or wasn’t, but nonetheless we all were interested in knowing the answer. Because of the nation’s suspicions, we were all shocked when he announced he was having a baby with…a woman. It was especially interesting when he announced to People Magazine, a month after the baby was born, that he was gay.

Now, six seasons later, we are in the same position with Adam Lambert. I’m interested to know what signs were making people think he was straight. When Lambert announced his sexuality to Rolling Stone he said, “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay.”

Agreed, but it still remains to be headline news. It was on the main news page for Yahoo. Now really, is this news? Well, apparently it is, especially since I’m writing about it too.

andrea @ June 12, 2009

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