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Fla. weather reminds NASA who’s boss

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Anyone who’s been to “sunny Florida” during the summertime is aware of the precipitation level. Having grown up in Florida, I feel it’s safe to say that it rains here just about every day during the summer, even if the sun is out. It’s an incredible thing: “sun showers.” I won’t even mention the flooding and hurricanes that we get here. No wonder they call it “The Sunshine State.”

Admittedly, the weather isn’t as unbearable as the remainder of the year, which is probably why NASA decided to base itself at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Kennedy Space Center has successfully shot off many space ships. The only thing NASA usually has to master is making sure the ship itself is ready. For its past attempt, with space shuttle Endeavor, something even NASA couldn’t control got in the way.

That little something is the Florida summer weather.

According to the Associated Press, thunderstorms caused the fifth delay for Endeavor. It was the third day (in a row) that it couldn’t lift off.

Space shuttle Endeavor is attempting to get to up there to finish Japan’s $1 billion space station lab, Kibo. There are 13 astronauts headed up with it. They’ll be taking the third and final piece of the project, as long as they can get up there.

It’s been grounded for a month now, according to the AP. First it was leaks and now it’s, well, more leaks. These just can’t be controlled.

Launch director Mark Polansky, upon realizing there couldn’t be any takeoff informed the crew saying, “The weather has just bitten us again. So sorry about that.”

Yeah, welcome to Florida.

andrea @ July 15, 2009

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