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  1. Trey July 20, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

    i love the way the author wrote this article. “Kimmy” – lol! yeah, he’s just like those other socialist/totalitarian leaders in this world that needs to be stopped – like Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela. these people make me sick. and it’s so true that they will all probably be succeeded by people just as bad, like Castro’s brother.

    what also ticks me off is the fact that governments like this exist around the world and the people in those countries complain and cry out for our help here in the United States and all we do is support a man who’s just like them: Obama – total socialist. just look at the healthcare crap he’s trying to jam through Congress right now. what a joke. and the American people, at least so far, are buying his bull.

Kim Jong Il meets Karma

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North Korea’s wonderful leader Kim Jong Il, 67, has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…at least maybe. According to the Associated Press report, he’s not likely to live more than five years. While it’s not quite the justice that millions of people are looking for, its at least a step in the right direction.

Il has yet to confirm the news, but we know that he’s been suffering from health issues (also the obvious mental issues). In some of his recent appearances, he’s been looking especially rough. Still, North Korea is never willing to share any sort of information, really, with anyone. The initial speculation came from South Korea’s YNT TV station. It reported that he was diagnosed with cancer when he had a stroke last August.

So, we can only cross our fingers that the news is true. It’s doubtful that Korea will come right out and admit that their brilliant ruler is weak. That’s not the North Korean way. If it is true, we should expect him to be gone pretty soon. They’re saying less than five years, but the American Cancer Association says it shouldn’t be much longer than one year.

Still we shouldn’t get too excited since we all know he’ll pick someone just as crazy as he is to be his predecessor. The AP report suggests that his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, will be the next ruler. I’m sure we can expect wonderful things from him as well.

For now, we can cling to the hope that Karma will bring justice in the end.

andrea @ July 14, 2009

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