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Gay teen club attacked in Tel Aviv, 3 killed, 11 injured

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Three people were killed and 11 were injured yesterday when a gunman walked into a youth club for gay teens (no, you read that correctly) in Jerusalem (again, yes, you read that correctly) and decided to blow everything full of holes, apparently, especially the people.

Maybe I’m just another ignorant American, but the first thing to strike me after reading about this story was the “youth club for gay teens” and the fact that this place is in Jerusalem.

Just when I thought America was getting more liberal…

According to the Associated Press, a witness at the scene called it a “hate crime,” and a police spokesperson pointed out that he didn’t believe it to be an act of terrorism.

A hate crime? A man opening automatic rifle up on a club, an association with the job of providing support to gay and lesbian teenagers…a target of hate? I would never have thought it.

Authorities are still looking for the hater, ahem, shooter.

Also reported by the AP, one lawmaker said it was “without a doubt the biggest ever attack on the Israeli gay community, we are all in shock.”

That lawmaker was also “openly” gay.”

I had no idea Tel Aviv had such an “openly gay” community. Maybe Tel Aviv will be a little more open on its laws against hate crimes in the future after this terrible crime.

Brittany @ August 2, 2009

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