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Homeless man arrested for pretend bomb in airport

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New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, at least the central terminal, was evacuated Saturday, as most of the country knows.

Terrorist? No. Corporate executive suicide to blame on our toilet economy? No. Bozo the clown running around the terminals on fire? No, but you’re getting closer.

The airport was evacuated because a homeless man decided to hold the place up with a dud bomb, and by dud I mean lifeless as in fake, a joke, a total phony.

According to ABC News the incident — really mess — ended quickly with a swift arrest, though thousands of travelers were held up due to what is likely the result of insanity or sheer boredom.

A judge apparently ordered this man, 32-year-old Scott McGann, to undergo psychiatric tests. (Gee, I wonder why?)

We have to wonder what would possess a man at 32 years of age, albeit homeless, to run into an airport and pretend to have a live bomb. Oh yes, and then pretend to detonate it.

Personally, I believe the man was bored. I mean, what else — other than catch sewer rats, rummage through garbage or look for dropped change for booze — does a homeless person have to do on a daily basis? McGann’s motive was probably just an attempt to spice up an otherwise mundane existence. So he put together his illusionary bomb and walked on over to the nearest airport and played some more pretend. May have even cracked a smile, something he probably hadn’t done in a while.

I wonder if he’s thinking it was worth it, now sitting in a jail cell somewhere getting three free meals a day, with a roof over his head, a toilet, a toothbrush, access to a shower, workout facility…and even television.

Brittany @ August 2, 2009

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