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King of Pop can’t rest in peace without a place to rest

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Michael Jackson’s been gone more than two weeks now, the memorial service held in his honor at the downtown Staples Center arena having taken place yesterday, and there’s still no sign as to when he’ll finally be able to rest in peace. In all honesty, he really can’t. At least not as of now, the King of Pop simply has no place to rest.

According to a recent article reported by ABC News, Jackson’s brothers talked of burying M.J. at Neverland Ranch, his once prized giant amusement park/mansion home, but Momma Jackson’s not having any of it.

Jackson swore back in 2003, during the aftermath of child molestation allegations thrown at him, that he would never return there. His mother, Katherine Jackson, 79, wants to make sure that vow is kept.

Next to his children, Jackson’s mother was the only person mentioned in the will, as reported by ABC, giving Momma Jackson some serious weight when it comes to decisions on what will happen in regard to her son.

Also, no funeral arrangements were outlined in the will. (Usually death is something important to consider when writing a will. But that’s just my opinion.) This is likely due to the fact that Jackson wanted to “live forever.”

Jackson, indeed, spoke these words in a 2002 to 2003 interview with British journalist, Martin Bashir, titled, “Living with Michael Jackson.”

Well, that definitely sticks to the whole Peter Pan’s “Neverland” theme Jackson seemed to always carry with him, and it certainly sticks to the fact that Jackson will undoubtedly live forever as an undeniable music icon and untouchable entertainment legend.

Brittany @ July 9, 2009

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