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Lance Armstrong faces the fining French

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In yet another story about the French and how much they really don’t like an American cycling circles around the inept Frenchmen, they have moved from attacks on Armstrong’s credibility to attacks on his wallet.

But just like their ability to wage war, the French don’t seem to be able to figure out how to fine people either.

Lance Armstrong’s new team, Astana, was fined $92.  They showed up a little late to pre-race registration.  Granted, Americans are terrible at telling time, and Lance Armstrong obviously being no better.  But this little gem of ire makes the French look a little more than foolish.

“Today, and as usual, the Astana team arrived late at the pre-stage registration, in contempt of the crowd, who has once again not seen Lance Armstrong,” [Tour competitions director Jean-Francois] Pescheux told Reuters before the start of the third stage from Marseille to La Grande Motte.

“They don’t care about the fine. We are going to ask the UCI to be tougher.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  If someone shows up late for a legitimate reason, say, terrible traffic on the way to the event because said fans are all trying to get there to watch it as well, I don’t see that as showing contempt for the fans.  It honestly comes across as more of an attempt to get some sort of moral victory against Lance Armstrong, who has quite simply thwarted every attempt that Jean-Francois Pescheux has tried to get the American’s records expunged, his reputation ruined and his eligibility revoked.

Sorry Jean, but history is doomed to repeat itself.  The French will never win at anything.

Rob @ July 7, 2009

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