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Michael Vick: The diamond in a beach filled with rhinestones

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Michael Vick was convicted of federal dog fighting charges two years ago.  After that, his career came to a screeching halt, and his endorsements evaporated like 200-proof alcohol.  The NFL Commissioner laid down the law and suspended Michael Vick indefinitely, and PETA has moved its sadistic cult in ways to prevent Vick from doing anything that may remotely contribute to him being able to feed himself.

In a world where dog fighting receives stiffer punishment than manslaughter, one has to wonder where the logic is, and how much is a human’s life worth exactly?  Or his talent? Or his ability to give those around him a better chance at succeeding, thus improving lives?

Have people forgotten that Michael Vick was once the most electrifying athlete to dig his cleats into well groomed grass in front of tens of thousands of fans?  That he had passing yards and rushing yards that put quarterbacks and running backs to shame?  Or his ability to turn a busted play caused by an offensive line that could be outplayed by a sled with blocking dummies into a dramatic, momentum swinging morale romp?

Lets face it, Michael Vick is an athlete.  He could play any skilled position in football and play it within the top 20 percentile of he elite players.

In professional sports, wife beaters, drug dealers, coke addicts, drunk drivers and adulterers have gotten free passes to continue play and are respected by thousands of people for what they do every game day.

Michael Vick ran a dog fighting ring and suddenly he is worse than the man who fathers nine children by nine women, or takes steroids and kills himself and his family, or runs over a pedestrian while drunk.

Whatever team does decide Vick is worth the chance will see an investment paid off in full, even if the United Football League signs Vick first.

Rob @ July 22, 2009

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