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Pam Anderson is eco-friendly

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Undeniably, the green movement is everywhere. It’s taking over everything…and it’s a good thing. Soon, we will have “green” revolutionaries leading us into the greener pastures of environmentalism.

Pamela Anderson would like to be one of them.

Forty-one-year-old Anderson has been in the spotlight for years. For those of you who thought her only recent claim to fame was in Borat, then you are sorely incorrect. Pammie is a large sponsor of PETA and also works with the Make a Wish Foundation. Apparently, she’s also really interested in environmentally friendly hotels. She already has one in the United Arab Emirates and also one in her homeland of Canada.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, last week Anderson and boyfriend Jamie Padgett made their way to Montenegro (a European country bordering Croatia, Serbia and Albania) to discuss eco-friendly developments.

“I’ve been trying to find appropriate partners and location to realize my dream – to build a hotel and spa based on ecological principles along with healthy food, good music, modern design and great fun,” Anderson said.

Anderson must know,more than anyone else why a place like Montengro or the United Arab Emirates needs an eco-friendly hotel full of “great fun,” but there are many worse things that she could be doing. Take, for example, acting.

See, she is all natural.

andrea @ July 22, 2009

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