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Michael Vick to join Buffalo Bills..?

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After a long 19 months of hard time, Michael Vick is out and about…to join the Bills?

That’s the latest news on Vick, rumors of his return to the NFL and possibilities with the Bills.

Where did this idea surface, you may wonder? Allow me to include the stirring tweet sent by ESPN’s Adam Schefter: “Here are the two sleeper teams on Vick not getting mentioned, but that I now sense could be in play here: Buffalo and Dallas.”

Although Vick’s officially out of the dog house, ahem, big house, he still has a few things left to do before the American justice system is through with him.

According to the Chicago Times, and as a probationary obligation, Vick has to speak to “at-risk inner-city kids” about animal cruelty. Specifically, that a person can go to jail if he or she partakes, lose a career in professional football (along with millions of dollars in contracts) and see a major reputation stain that won’t likely fade completely…ever.

“We spoke with dozens of young people, and Michael shared his story, expressed remorse for his actions, urged the community to stand up to dog fighting, and asked them to help with the campaign,” Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society, said.

Other terms of Vick’s probation include that he secure a job — apparently he’s got something arranged for construction, as reported by A Pakistan News — and remain under house arrest unless he’s packing a metal lunchbox and yellow hard hat.

So the question now is whether or not Vick will be welcomed — or at least allowed — back into the NFL and how the fans will take to it. From what I’ve been reading, it appears Vick has been forgiven for most of his doggy faux paws.

Guess we’re just going to have to wait and see…Michael Vick Buffalo Bills..? I don’t think it really matters what team, as long as he gets in.

Brittany @ August 13, 2009

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