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Schools to offer H1N1 vaccine

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This new school year welcomes many pleasures. New outfits, awesome new Crayola products and…nationwide H1N1 vaccinations around school campuses.

According to Newsday, about three million students will be offered the flu vaccine on their very own campus. All of this is an attempt to keep the swine flu at bay.

Apparently, no one is interested in having an swine flu outbreak among the children of our nation. What a big surprise.

The Federal government is planning on shipping out the H1N1 vaccines in mid-October, and many school boards are planning on snapping as many up as possible.

Some school boards have even begun preparation for dealing with what may be the most widespread school vaccinations since the polio outbreak.

While the government continues to wait for the results of the tests on these new vaccines, online seminars have already started to train schools on how to run school vaccinations.

People are definitely planning ahead.

As for the possibility of your child getting vaccinated in his or her school, it’s still under debate.

Children are at the top of the list for the shots and the shot will be available to all children in a timely manner.

There are an equally large amount of school districts and states that have decided to try alternatives instead of directly giving all of their vaccines to their public school students.

Among the leading states interested in offering in-school vaccines is South Carolina. The hope there is to have at least one vaccination center in each of the state’s 85 school districts.

Another great idea school districts have come up with is mandating hand washing. I’m wondering if maybe we could make that a federal law. That would definitely help keep the swine flu under control.

andrea @ August 16, 2009

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