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Miss Universe, Heidi Montag mess

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Have you checked out the Heidi Montag Miss Universe video yet? I didn’t think so. (I didn’t either, at least until I started writing this article.)

Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

Little miss fake boobs, fake nose, fake hair, fake…just about everything, posted a tweet after last night’s performance in the Bahamas, “Last night was one of the best nights of my life!!!! I had so much fun! My first performance! Thank you God!” according to Right Celebrity. (And I only take their word for it because I don’t follow Mrs. Pathetic Pratt on Twitter. Sorry.)

I just watched — more like endured — the video a few minutes ago. Sad to know this was Montag’s first performance. First impressions are everything, or so I’m told. What a bomb she dropped, and no, not the fifth grade slang kind that equates to “awesome” or “great.” I’m talking about the bomb that blew Hiroshima into nothingness, and the bomb that blasted several species in the South Pacific into mutated messes.

The girl can’t dance and obviously can’t sing because she was lip syncing the entire time. Not to mention, the people putting on the show obviously caught wind of the disaster early on because they cut the camera to images of the pageant girls for almost half the performance. I’d say that’s pretty terrible, to say the least.

Perez Hilton was quoted as saying, “While it was most definitely bad — it wasn’t EMBARRASSINGLY bad!”

Hah! What a joke. Not surprisingly, this is the 598th time I’ve disagreed with Ms., ahem, Mr. Hilton.

Go watch it for yourself and see if you disagree.

Brittany @ August 24, 2009

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