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NHL player gets violent with taxi driver

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Wow, a hockey player with anger issues? What a surprise.

FOX Sports reported that NHL Chicago Blackhawks’ forward Patrick Kane was arrested early Sunday morning after an “incident” with his cab driver.

Twenty-year-old Kane, with cousin James Kane in tow, took a taxi while in his hometown of Buffalo, New York. Their total came to $13.80 and Kane gave the driver $15. When Mr. Taxi Driver was unable to give Kane the exact change ($1.20), the smack-down began.

Anyone who’s ever seen even five minutes of a hockey game will find that, in fact, it’s not exactly the most peaceful game in the world. Perhaps Kane was just practicing channeling his aggression for this year’s hockey season.

When Kane was told that his exact change couldn’t be given, he took his money back and began to attack the driver. This is all according to the driver himself who also claims that Kane then punched him in the face and grabbed his throat.

A Buffalo police spokesperson confirmed the injuries and added that the driver’s face was cut and his glasses were broken.

Later on Sunday, Kane and his cousin were charged with second degree robbery, criminal mischief and theft of services. He plead not guilty in a city court hearing. His later court date is yet to be determined.

As for punishment from the NHL, none have been quick to judge or condemn.

“He is a big part of our organization and a team leader and we stand behind him,” Blackhawk’s spokesman Brandon Faber said. “As we are still collecting all the facts, it would be premature to comment further at this time.”

andrea @ August 9, 2009

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