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Popularity contest: Curve vs. iPhone

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Was it the marketing strategy that Verizon employed, using a buy-one-get-one promotion on the Blackberry Curve that shot sales for the phone in the first quarter of the year, well beyond that of Apple’s outrageously popular iPhone?

That’s what one research group thinks.

Or maybe it’s just the fact that the Curve is almost half the price of the iPhone, its name is better known and it has far broader availability.

Just goes to show that even with a glossy touch screen, thousands of free, downloadable applications (one with the sole purpose of providing unlimited Bubblewrap, bubble-popping bliss), lightening fast Internet connection, and the capability of doing almost everything – including the functions of a kitchen sink – a cell phone giant can fall.

Looks like the Curve is currently one up on the iPhone…with three quarters left in the game.

Brittany @ May 5, 2009

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