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Scientolo-Wiki no more

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Today marks the date of the greatest cyber event of the year. No, it wasn’t on YouTube. It wasn’t even the amazingly well-orchestrated renewal efforts of the TV show Chuck by its devoted fanbase. No, this event is so amazing, it deserves a paragraph all to its own.

Today, Wikipedia banned the Church of Scientology from editing anything on its Web site.

This action is long overdue, since the Church of Scientology has been known to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, kill, maim and extort its way into the minds of the impressionable, making itself rich in the process so that it can manufacture alien bomb shelters and build space pods, fearing Xenu will grab and drop them off by a random volcano and obliterate it and its followers’ bodies with H-Bombs…but I’m beginning to veer from topic.

Wikipedia has banned the anti-scientologists in the past, whose usual hate tirade against the “church” had gone against its editing policies. When it was discovered that the Church of Scientology had edited and changed nearly 400 pages in reference to Scientology, removing any negative connotations and replacing them with accolades and praise – and doing such at a rate that overwhelmed Wikipedia’s ability to restore documents’ contents to their original truths – the hammer fell.

Now, the entire Church of Scientology will have a road block firmly planted in its way, preventing it from spreading any more propaganda.

In the end, it may only make a small dent in how much money Scientology is able to swindle out of folks, but it’s a good start.

Rob @ May 30, 2009

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