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SEC to cap the crap

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There’s been a lot of press lately about the Southeastern Conference (SEC) this college football off-season. The latest news is about the recruiting habits of certain schools, not named the University of Florida (go Gators!). The habit in question is in regard to the number of athletes signed for a college football team, with some schools signing numbers far exceeding SEC college football set caps. ┬áSo, in layman’s terms, there’s a lot of crap being pumped into the system by these schools.

As it stands now, the SEC caps the number of players a team can sign at 25. However, most schools sign 28 to 30, and according to ESPN, this is a common practice. The schools then cut the roster down to 25 by reporting day in August.

The proposal is to set a hard cap at 28, giving more room for these teams to work, and to avoid over-signing players.

Ole Miss signed 37 players in the last class, which is 12 greater than the cap, and it did so knowing that most of these kids wouldn’t even qualify to play based on their poor academics.

Now, why would any college worth its weight even bother signing players it knows won’t make the cut? Maybe I should mention that the University of Florida rarely, if ever, exceeds the current cap for signing players and it’s won two national titles in three years.

Perhaps if Ole Miss and the rest of the SEC spent more time signing players worth investing some attention in, there would be more competition in the southeast.

Rob @ May 30, 2009

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