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Surprise: Michael Jackson sued… again

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Well it’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. M.J. is getting sued once again this time by his “Thriller” love interest: Ola Ray. Ray was a Playboy centerfold and is now 48-years-old living in Santa Monica, Calif.

What she wants is the rest of her payments. Supposedly she is still waiting to receive her full royalties which haven’t been on time or full. She’s not the only one who claims that the King of Pop screwed them over. And these are just a few. And they don’t include the sex scandal aspect.

Raymone Bain was Michael Jackson’s spokeswoman who would speak for him each time he was sued. Now she’s suing him because he “elected not to honor the financial obligations of [their] contractual relationship. She’s suing for $44,000,000.
Date: May 2009
Manu Dibango is a Cameroonian musician who is suing Rihanna and Michael Jackson for allegedly using his “hooks” without his permission. Dibango and Jackson settled years ago. Now, both Rihanna and Jackson are back on the chopping block for M.J. letting Rihanna use the little riff in her song Please Don’t Stop the Music.
Date: February 2009
Prince Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Kalif of Bahrain is, another surprise, the Prince of Bahrain which is an Arabic island country in the Persian Gulf. Prince Al-Kalif is suing Jackson for breaching contract. He’s being sued in London for 4.3 pounds. Supposedly they had signed an agreement for an autobiography, two albums and a musical.
Date: October 2007

andrea @ May 8, 2009

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