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Theme park alternatives

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Amusement and theme parks are always great places to take the family, but they can be pricey. Many families are faced with the question of what to do this summer when the kiddies start whining about going to Disney World.

Here is a quick and easy alternative. What you can do is think about what your family enjoys most about these places. Is it the roller coasters? The foreigners? The long lines? The expensive food? Or perhaps the creepy people dressed up as beloved characters?

Whatever it is, here are the answers:

-Roller coasters: Do you have a car? Problem solved! Let’s just say that speed limits are suggestions and don’t necessarily need to be followed. If you’re feeling really crazy, some flips could probably be arranged too.

-Foreigners: Every town, or area, has a “Little China,” “Little Havana” or “Little Whatever,” so finding some people who don’t speak your language shouldn’t be too hard. Hey, it’s America.

-Long lines: Take the family grocery shopping at a 24-hour Wal-Mart around midnight. The fun in this is that there are only two lanes open and about 20 people trying to check out…with their grocery shopping for the entire week.

-Expensive food: Two words. Olive. Garden.

-Creepy people dressed up as beloved characters: Two words, one letter: Chuck-E-Cheese. If you haven’t heard about how ridiculous Chuck-E-Cheese has become, then go ahead and try a quick Google News search.

Really any way you look at it, everyone wins.

andrea @ May 8, 2009

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