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What to make of new Scientology commercials

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They are truly awesome commercials. They are beautifully done and completely engrossing. They’re a little bit creepy, but not enough to make you change the channel. Whoever made them did a fantastic job in hooking the audience.

As the approximately minute-long commercials climax, the audience can’t wait to find out what the advertisement is for. Who that is may surprise you.

It’s for the Church of Scientology.

Well, according to the First Amendment, it has just as much of a right as anyone else to advertise. Still, these Scientology commercials aren’t exactly being welcomed with open arms. People are calling them “alarming” and “creepy.”

GigaOM reported that the Church of Scientology is spending millions of dollars on this advertising campaign.

Known as the “celebrity cult,” or “religion” if you’re nasty, it’s no surprise that this group is trying to decrease the controversy that surrounds them by making themselves look more…normal.

Like many cults, ahem, religions, no one involved can quite understand the inner workings. So, the people who are involved are offended. That makes sense.

It sure is hard to be misunderstood.

There are currently three commercials that have been overtaking many television stations that you can check out on YouTube: “Life”, “You” and The Search.

What do you think? If you were in charge of advertising for a television network, would you pull to have these controversial commercials on your station?

Regardless of whether you agree with Scientology or not, it’s undeniable that it has a right to advertise, and, within reason, to say whatever it wants.

andrea @ August 1, 2009

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