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Microsoft, Yahoo vs. Google

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It’s easy to say “I’ll just Google it!” It’s even easier since every Internet browser has a Google toolbar.

Any Google competitors would have a difficult time rising above. Still, that is exactly what Microsoft and Yahoo hope to do with their recent partnership.

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Google announced that they’ve finally agreed to work together in an attempt to overpower their search engine superior. According to the Washington Post, Google owns 65 percent of Internet search advertising while Microsoft and Google (combined) bring in about 28 percent.

So basically, it’s going to be a long and hard fight.

Their plan is for Microsoft to power Yahoo’s search results while Yahoo will be responsible for both of their advertising. The deal has yet to be approved by the government, but is expected to come into fruition in early 2010.

The plan has to be approved by the Justice Department’s antitrust regulators or by the Federal Trade Commission. Sen. Herb Kohl told the Washington Post that there will be “careful scrutiny” because they are “concerned about competition issues in these markets because of the potentially far-reaching consequences for consumers and advertisers.”

This concern is a nice thought but there are few who actually think that “Microhoo” won’t be able to give the beloved Google a run for their money. With the recent arrival of Microsoft’s Bing, they are becoming more popular than they were with Live Search but it’s debatable if that will be enough.

Old habits die hard and Google is one strong habit for Americans.

andrea @ August 1, 2009

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