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When getting it up is a bad thing

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An ex-con is suing the New York prison he served his time in for a medical error and improper response to the problem by the nursing staff. According to the New York Post, the inmate had a reaction to a medication he was prescribed, giving him an everlasting erection. The nurse, however, sent him back to his cell, and it wasn’t until 55 hours later (almost three days), that he received any other medical treatment for the problem. (That’s a lot longer than disclaimers on Viagra and Cialis say is healthy, with both recommending you see a doctor if an erection lasts longer than four hours.)

Due to the screw up, the inmate claims he now has severe dysfunction (the super erection gave him erectile dysfunction), with an inability to climax and pain during intercourse. He now requires a prosthesis to restore partial function to his manhood, which as any man will tell you would be demoralizing. He also claims that due to all the problems associated with his medical foul-up, the quality of his marriage has deteriorated.

In all honesty, even though he was a felon serving time, the man deserves the same medical consideration that any other citizen would receive. Whether this was a mistake by the attending nurse or a blatant disregard for his health based upon prejudice remains to be seen. I’m sorry, but there’s just no excuse for allowing a problem like a 55-hour erection (puts marathon men to shame) to exist when you possess the means to fix it.

Rob @ June 9, 2009

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