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Press-ing too far

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David Carradine’s death shocked many in the entertainment business recently. He was best known for his role in the TV series Kung Fu, as well as “Bill” from the popular “Kill Bill” movies. He was found just days ago in a hotel in Thailand, and according to Thai officials, he died not from suicide, but of masturbation.

Thai police believe that Carradine was attempting auto-erotic asphyxiation, essentially trying to achieve a better orgasm by cutting off his oxygen supply while masturbating.

Now, if I were a part of the Carradine family, I would be absolutely enraged over this recent report to hit the media. Not only would that be extremely private information (if it’s even true), but they’re dragging a man’s name through the mud, and a dead man at that. The Thai press may have had the right to run the story in regard to how the law treats public figures/celebrities, but in my opinion, this is just another case of the media going well beyond the bounds of privacy.

The Carradine family is also threatening to sue after reports that pictures of the scene of death were taken and possibly would be printed. Even America’s cutthroat press wouldn’t run something like that.

What’s glaring to me about this, however, is how much the government and Thai media have jumped into this. Reports have surfaced that Carradine, while filming a new movie, was also working to uncover underground martial-arts groups currently operating in Asia. Larry King ran that story on his show, after the Carradine family lawyer released information on Carradine’s extra-curricular activities and suggested the possibility of assassination.

I guess anything is possible in the world of ninjas.

Rob @ June 9, 2009

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