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South African President Zuma has work cut out

andrea @ June 15, 2009 # No Comment Yet

South Africa recently got a new president named Jacob Zuma. If you know anything about President Zuma, then you know he’s had his fair share of legal issues and just plain issues. Zuma was part of the South African Communist Party in the early 1960s and was convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government. (Ironic. […]

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We need employment checks too

andrea @ June 15, 2009 # One Comment

Employed or unemployed, it’s probably safe to say that we’re all having a tough time financially. People are picking up more and more jobs, if they’re lucky, because one just isn’t enough anymore. According to USA Today, people who are currently employed are still doing worse than any time prior. Oh, except during the Great […]

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One step closer for tornado prediction

andrea @ June 14, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Tornadoes have provided for some great cinema magic (i.e. “The Wizard of Oz”) but have also provided for many deaths and serious devastation. Severe weather investigators have been trying for years to determine what causes twisters to form. Luckily for them, on June 6, a tornado in Wyoming became the most documented twister of all […]

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New numbers say depression, not recession

Brittany @ June 14, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Just last week, the Federal Reserve released some more information that we can add chuck into doomsday discussion dump: American households lost $1.33 trillion of their wealth in the first three months of the year. They’re calling it a recession, but it’s starting to feel a lot more like a… Dare I utter the word? […]

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Family flicks blowing up box offices

Brittany @ June 13, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Ever since “Shrek” hit the big screens a few years back, family movies have only been getting more popular among American audiences. In fact, one of this summer’s most anticipated, more adult-themed (just a little) films, “Terminator Salvation” was beat out of the box offices by “Night at Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.” I guess […]

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Today’s shocker: Some people are gay

andrea @ June 12, 2009 # No Comment Yet

In headline news today, Americans found out that a beloved television singing sensation is gay. Apparently this is comes as a shock, that someone, a person, can be homosexual. You’d think that people, especially the mass media, would be able to accept when someone is gay. What’s even more impressive is that we make a […]

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The real (that’s right) Transformers

Brittany @ June 12, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Movies like “Terminator 2,” “Transformers” and soon-to-be-released “G.I. Joe,” all featuring shape-shifting robot machinery, are just sci-fi (and freaking cool, of course), right? Well, maybe not. The Pentagon’s research division, known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is currently in the second phase of a project designed to develop “programmable matter.” According to […]

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Christianity gets kicked out in Oklahoma

Rob @ June 11, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Tulsa, Okla. made the decision that evangelical groups can no longer make use of housing projects to preach Christianity and convert underprivileged children to their faith. The group in question is the Child-Evangelism Fellowship, which, for several decades has worked with underprivileged children, gone in to speak with prison-inmate’s offspring and worked to teach moral […]

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North Korea attacks the press

Rob @ June 11, 2009 # No Comment Yet

From developing a nuclear arms program to progress in short and long range ballistic missile development, North Korea’s been in the news a lot recently. With tensions brewing among Japan, South Korea and the big fish, the United States, it feels like things are only getting worse. 

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Brittany Spears always gives us more

Rob @ June 10, 2009 # No Comment Yet

What is a month in the world of Britney Spears without more tabloid fodder? This time it’s not about her kids, her estranged ex-husband, running over people with her Mercedes, Starbucks or even a public fashion flop. Well, this is a fashion flop or sorts, but more of a professional kind.

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