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60 Plus Association’s TV ad gives false information

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Here’s another reminder that you can’t believe everything you read or see on television. This time, we have 60 Plus Association to thank for the little memento.

The 60 Plus Association made its opinion about Obama’s health care reform known in a new controversial TV advertisement.

According to, 60 Plus Association is running a false advertisement demonstrating its opposition to President Obama’s health care plan. The group claims that Congress will cut more than $500 billion in Medicare money. In actuality, it will be about $220 billion from the “projected growth of Medicare spending over the next 10 years.”

There’s a wide assortment of generalizations and half-truths throughout this ad placed by the AARP’s conservative counterpart. Many of these can be proved incorrect through just a little bit of research.

Perhaps the elderly folks of 60 Plus Association, a conservative “non-partisan” organization, have forgotten their age. In 10 years these people may not even be around to not see this lack of money. The advertisement even says that they’ve made it through many things like the Great Depression and all kinds of war. This wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to “seniors.”

Could it be that the older you get the more “stuck in your ways” you are? I think we all just believe what we want to believe. This is a perfect example. Still, it’s a good reminder that you don’t have to believe what everyone else believes.

“It’s a cruel joke,” the narrator says.

The cruel joke, actually, is on anyone who’s going to believe this ad.

andrea @ August 21, 2009

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