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Murdering moron causes moronic reality show cancellation

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We’re all familiar with Ryan Jenkins, at least the name rings a bell as we now associate it with things like a model wife, body parts chopped to pieces, body parts stuffed into a suitcase…and overall just cold blooded murder in the first degree. (The grotesque removal of body parts should have given up the first degree part, but just in case, thought I’d make sure you got that part).

Now we can add another list of things to with associate this man’s name, such as reality TV show, Rock of Love reject and running away to what other place but “Oh” Canada.

Ryan Jenkins is not only the main suspect in the murder — and stuffing of chopped limbs into a suitcase (can’t leave that out, again) — of his wife, but he’s now the reason for the cancellation of the latest VH1 reality TV show, Megan Wants a Millionaire.

Jenkins is one of the finalists in the show and now, since there’s a manhunt in his name, well, the show just cannot go on. I feel bad for Megan. She had a murderer in her lineup!

With Megan Wants a Millionaire canceled, at least this season, whatever will the fans do? A show based on the train wrecked love life of Megan Hauserman, the Rock of Love reject. Boy oh boy. That’s a show I’m really going to miss, especially considering that I just now became aware of its existence.

According to The Envelope, Jenkins fled to Canada (on foot no less!) as soon as he found out — him and the whole world — that the police were out looking for him.

Interesting choice for a place to run. If I were in his situation — purely hypothetical, of course — I’d be thinking Mexico or some small island off the coast of South America. Seriously. Canada?

The guy, excuse me, this murderer, is a moron.

Brittany @ August 20, 2009

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