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Products claim steroids may be unapproved

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Shocker: Some products that claim to be something they are, in fact, are not.

Take for example what the FDA revealed on Tuesday. According to CNN, the FDA has warned the public not to use products that claim to be steroids or contain “steroid-like substances.”

Another Shocker: Many brands and products are actually “unapproved and misbranded.”

As we learned recently with the Ziacam situation, the FDA doesn’t necessarily approve everything that’s available over the counter. This time, the threat is out to American Cellular Laboratories Inc. CNN reports that the FDA wrote a letter to this company to make it aware that the products it’s labeling as “dietary supplements” directly violate the actual meaning of “dietary supplements,” as provided by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

This act defines a dietary supplement as a product that contains one or more dietary ingredient like vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids. There are nine products that are affected.

Along with those nine products, the FDA wants to send a nice little reminder to everyone to be careful about what you believe.

This isn’t to say that the products that aren’t quite dietary supplements are completely unhealthy, but it’s always best to make sure that any product is FDA approved. Homeopathic remedies don’t have to be approved by the FDA, so it’s important to do your own research before deciding to take anything.

Final Shocker: You have the final say in the supplements that you take.

andrea @ July 30, 2009

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