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Hurricane Bill bounced to Hurricane Status

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It’s that time of year again, a time many people in the southeastern United States have come to expect and prepare for with resignation year after year.  Even though hurricane season has been relatively quiet up to the middle of August, many are reminded of the fact that it doesn’t take more than one storm to cause a catastrophe.

Tropical depression Ana was the first storm of the season, and it didn’t live up to much.  It was torn apart by various weather patterns that made any sort of strengthening a long shot at best, and instead broke up the storm to have it dissipate into a mere depression and eventually back into a tropical wave.

Hurricane Bill, however, met a much different set of circumstances and beefed up to a Hurricane over the weekend.

The storm even looks to intensify as the week progresses.  Bill’s projected path could see it making landfall in the Virgin Islands and Bermuda by the end of the week, becoming the first real storm of 2009 to have any substantial effect on human lives.  We may even see Bill upgraded to a major hurricane.

There is still a good chance no landfall will be made because of the distance Bill has between itself and any civilization.  The Atlantic is a rather large body of water with plenty of possible factors that could sprout up and change the course of the storm, but as the week progresses and the path becomes more clear, we will know whether to be worried or not.

Rob @ August 17, 2009

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