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King of Pop can’t rest in peace without a place to rest

Brittany @ July 9, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Michael Jackson’s been gone more than two weeks now, the memorial service held in his honor at the downtown Staples Center arena having taken place yesterday, and there’s still no sign as to when he’ll finally be able to rest in peace. In all honesty, he really can’t. At least not as of now, the […]

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King of sedation

Rob @ July 1, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Michael Jackson’s had a turbulent history with all the publicity on his plastic surgery (and all the details about how horrible too much plastic surgery can be), the fiasco that was the release of Invincible, the child molestation charges that tarnished his reputation, and the bankruptcy and foreclosure on his precious Neverland Ranch. ┬áHe laid […]

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Jackson family requests second autopsy, Rev. Jackson reports

Brittany @ June 28, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Coming as no surprise, Michael Jackson’s family has requested a second autopsy be performed on the pop king because of all the unanswered questions surrounding his death. Some of those questions: Was it a drug overdose? Did the doctor have anything to do with it? Was it a suicide? All this coming from, no, not […]

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