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Laptop wars

Rob @ July 18, 2009 # No Comment Yet

The last several months have seen Microsoft and Apple launching creative ad campaigns that have heated up the rivalry between the two giants.  Apple’s commercials launched after the horrible failure that was Windows Vista and showed Apple to be the easier, more user-friendly choice for laptops and computers based on operating system alone.  Apple has […]

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Pentagon study wants tobacco out of military

andrea @ July 17, 2009 # One Comment

The troops were getting worried. The possibility of a ban on tobacco in war zones could make some really stressed out people even more stressed out. No worries though! The Pentagon assured them on Wednesday that they don’t have to quit…yet. According to the Associated Press, a recent study recommended that the military slowly become […]

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Spur gets cold feet at eleventh hour

Rob @ July 17, 2009 # One Comment

Richard Jefferson cancelled his wedding in the most bizarre of ways.   In the past, couples usually dissolved prior to becoming engaged, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and they break things off before the wedding.  Most couples, not even famous celebrities and athletes like Richard Jefferson, won’t wait until two hours before the deed […]

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Facebook 750 million away from one billion

Rob @ July 16, 2009 # 2 Comments

Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and has picked up steam as it competes with Myspace for online social networking supremacy.  Unlike Myspace however, Facebook’s quarter billion proclamation (with Myspace boasting similar numbers) is more substantial than Myspace’s because Facebook has long been tied to more actual users instead of pop-up spam accounts that […]

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British couple goes to Switzerland for assisted suicide

andrea @ July 16, 2009 # One Comment

It’s often hard to image living without the one you love. Sometimes in old age when one partner passes away, the other dies of a broken heart. British couple Edward and Joan Downes found a way to avoid living without each other: dying together.

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Absurdity of collusion in baseball

Rob @ July 15, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Last winter, the free agent market for Major League Baseball experienced one of the rarest situations since the free agency came about.  In years past, bidding wars between teams filled the free agency period, with teams spending big bucks to get the hottest players available and fill their rosters with talent that held the potential […]

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Fla. weather reminds NASA who’s boss

andrea @ July 15, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Anyone who’s been to “sunny Florida” during the summertime is aware of the precipitation level. Having grown up in Florida, I feel it’s safe to say that it rains here just about every day during the summer, even if the sun is out. It’s an incredible thing: “sun showers.” I won’t even mention the flooding […]

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Kim Jong Il meets Karma

andrea @ July 14, 2009 # One Comment

North Korea’s wonderful leader Kim Jong Il, 67, has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…at least maybe. According to the Associated Press report, he’s not likely to live more than five years. While it’s not quite the justice that millions of people are looking for, its at least a step in the right direction.

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Best and worst job postings per capita by city

Brittany @ July 14, 2009 # No Comment Yet

As U.S.News reported recently, there is but one city that stands out among the 50 largest in the U.S. for most job postings for capita. Just think about what section of the country’s jobs have actually held up during this recession depression. Can you guess it?

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Palin not leaving politics

Brittany @ July 13, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (at least for another 13 days) told the Associated Press she’s not only planning on keeping a firmly planted seat in politics, but she’s going to take her position to a national level as soon as she’s officially finished relinquishing the reins as governor at the end of the month. Palin […]

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